5. Yamantaka Mandala-A Tibetan Heritage and Culture Exhibition

The Yamantaka Mandala

A Tibetan Heritage and Culture

Exhibition in Melbourne

        This spring, the city of Melbourne will be experiencing one of the most ground-breaking cultural art events.
     Centering around the theme of “Tibetan Cultural Heritage”, Reteng World Peace Association (RWPA) is organizing a forthcoming art exhibition that feartures thangka and mandala on the 20th November 2019 in the city of Melbourne.

The 15th Reteng Rinpoche
RWPA’s president, the 15th Reteng Rinpoche, out of his compassionate and relentless pursuit for peace and well-being of the world, has reached out to the renowned Buddhist artist Venerable Jiayang Qunpei of Qing Hai, China to share his masterpiece in Melbourne.
Making his first ever trip and exhibition in Australia, Venerable Jiayang Qunpei devotes a total of 15 days in solitude in Melbourne CBD to conceive and craft one of the most auspicious and venerated Mandalas in Tibet,China – The Yamantaka Mandala.
Venerable Jiayang Qunpei
The Yamantaka Mandala

        Mandala is a Sanskrit term. In ancient India, it means a country’s territory or the place for ritual ceremony. Later in Buddhism, it is a word that represents the essence of Buddhism.
        Carrying the meaning of attaining the innate essence. It refers to a center where the following constituent parts focus and come together: enlightened beings and worthy sages, merit fields, and the perfection of body, speech and mind.
        Ultimately, mandala characterizes the seat of enlightenment and the attainment of the unsurpassed, complete and perfect enlightenment of a Buddha.

Thangka of Buddha of Infinite Light

Thangka of The Green Tara

Thangka of Avalokiteśvara

        Together with some of Venerable Jiayang Qunpei’s most remarkable thangka, this exhibition not only epitomizes the heritage of Tibet, China, but it also brings peace and spiritual aspiration to everyone who are near and afar.
        We believe that this exhibition – The Yamantaka Mandala – A Tibetan Heritage and Culture Exhibition will leave an indelible mark in the history of arts and cultural events in Melbourne.

Exhibition Launch:
1pm 20th Nov 2019
Opening Dates:
21 Nov 2019 – 26 Nov 2019
Opening Hours:
Melbourne Protea Culture Centre
G02/518-532 Little Bourke street Melbourne
Main Organiser:
Reteng World Peace Association
Melbourne Protea Culture Centre
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