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热腾仁波切新春寄语 2021-02-11

The Venerable 15th Reteng Rinpoche’s  

2021 Chinese New Year Message
Dear dharma people, my friends, ladies and gentlemen, please allow  me to give you my best wishes as the Tibetan New Year and Chinese New Year are drawing near. I wish you all a Happy New Year. Tashi Delek! 
2020 was a remarkably challenging year for all of us, no doubt about that. Fortunately, through mutual trust and collective response, we have made incredible achievements in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic, especially in China. However, as winter approaches, things now seem to be getting bad again. 
Covid-19 has taken many lives at home and the situation is much worse abroad. Many of us may feel very sad and hopeless this year, as we have witnessed hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives due to the pandemic. 
Modern technology has helped us solve a lot of problems, making our life much easier. This is what we believe. But we also know that technology can’t solve all of our problems. We need to integrate compassion into our life in the meantime, because for some problems compassion is the solution. 
So, I think, in 2021, we need to wake up and seek a respect for life, by which I mean we need to realize that we 7 billion people are not the only living creature on the earth. Myriad other life forms also call the earth home. We co-exist on this blue planet, interdependently. 
So I think only by joint efforts can the pandemic be conquered, because virus does not require a passport or a visa to make its international travel. This pandemic has shown us that humanity is a community with a shared future. 
This is a time when we are closely connected, not matter whether we have a religion or which religion we are following. In spite of all our differences, we humankind share a great quality inside us-compassion. Only compassion can save this planet. Only compassion can drive out our fears. And only compassion can unite us all to overcome the difficulties that we are all facing. 
Now as we are expecting an amazing new 2021, I am also expecting that all of us, who are now living in the 21st century, can begin to embrace a new understanding of human-nature relationship and a recognition of significance of humanity compassion. 
I therefore wish that every one of you, regardless of your faith, colour, origin or race, could cultivate your inner compassion. Humans are using their wisdom to advance the technological development, aiming to tackle more challenges facing the world, but meanwhile they also need to lay more emphasis on nurturing the compassion in their heart, as some problems could have never happened if compassion played a part in it.
Well, everyone, thank you very much! Happy New Year to you all and Tashi Delek!


维省佛教协会会长、光明寺住持福谭法师一行拜访墨尔本热腾道场 2021-04-26

应热腾世界和平协会的邀请,維省佛教協會會長、光明寺住持福譚法師于4月23日率領该寺諸位大德拜訪了位於Little Bourke St的热腾道场,受到了协会的诸位理事及会员的热情欢迎。


拜访期间,热腾世界和平协会会长热腾仁波且在电话连线中欢迎福谭住持及诸位大德位临道玚来访,鼓励进一步了解藏传佛教的历史、藏传佛教中唐卡、尤其坛城的背后深意。随后,热腾仁波且还热情地邀请福譚住持方便时前往中国参访,住持欣然接受了邀请。之后,住持法师亲领众人诵经祈福以及开示佛教的哲学核心及因果循环规律,他说:“当下的世界现象其实包含了过去、未来,时间、空间亦如此。” 因此,教派与教派之间相互的和谐、理解、包容,是能促进人类和平的动力。双方在相互的交流中结下了深厚的情谊。





会长热腾仁波且特为此做了录音开示,,“ 放生是们佛弟子对于生命的一种尊重,也是在放生的状态当中踐行我们的菩萨行。我们通过布施、持戒、忍辱、精进、禅定、智慧,都可以发生在一个放生的事情上。当然我们放生的目的不仅仅是为了救度所放生的这个众生,更为了把这份功德回向给所有的一切有情众生,在众生的相续当中种下这样的一个善的种子,那么也是通过这样的一种修持能让我们自己的资粮和福德增长,并且有能力为所有的众生去做一些些事情。





平和之心 和平之行

熱烈恭祝热腾世界和平协会加入维省佛教联合会(Buddhist Council of Victoria)


山火无情 人间有爱 2020-01-08


为澳洲的这场灾难 募款 祈福愿这片土地上的众生




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